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Luoyang Liushi mould Co., Ltd. Liushi Mould

Professional design and manufacture of die casting die


Luoyang Liushi Mould Co.,Ltd
  Luoyang Liushi Mojv Co.,Ltd established on 2001, we are professional designer and manufacturer of lost foam mold. We located at Luoyang – the peony city and the imperial capital in Chinese history. Our company is key enterprise in Luoyang air

Key enterprises of Luoyang Airport Industrial Park

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The company is located in the Millennium Royal Park, peony — Luoyang City, with construction area of 3600M2 building, and 9000 m2 production workshop, research and development, design, casting, machining, assembly, surface treatment equipment.

According to the demand to provide casting technology

Modern techniques

Using three-dimensional design, computer programming, computer aided machining technology, aluminum die casting billet by FM method, combined with the original Teflon (TEFLON) coating technology

Have a number of qualifications, honor

Many cooperative clients

Adhering to the careful design, lean production, sincere service, quality of the world's business philosophy, and strive to provide customers with satisfactory products and services.

Luoyang Liushi mould Co., Ltd.
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